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Where to Stay in Cape Town with your family

Let's face it, finding the perfect base for your family holiday in Cape Town can be a daunting task. You're not just looking for safety; you need a spot that's close to kid-friendly attractions, fun recreational activities, and surrounded by dining options that everyone will enjoy.


Then there's the matter of where you'll call home while you're here. The right accommodation goes beyond just a place to sleep. It needs to be a safe space, equipped with child-friendly amenities like cribs and secured against potential accidents.

As a parent with young children, I understand the nuances of planning a family-friendly holiday in Cape Town and navigating the challenges of finding the perfect location with safe, comfortable properties. It really doesn't have to be a difficult.

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When planning your family holiday to Cape Town, it's crucial to consider several key factors that will ensure your vacation is both enjoyable and hassle-free. Here's what you should look for to make the most of your family getaway:

1. Safe, Comfortable, and Clean Accommodations: Prioritize properties that adhere to high standards of cleanliness and comfort. It's essential to find accommodations that are safe for children, with child-proofing measures and amenities (cribs, high chairs) designed & included to make your stay comfortable and secure. 

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Authentic, Local Attractions and Experiences: Seek out areas that offer authentic local experiences close to nature and community life. Look for an area that provides an array of attractions such as pristine beaches, interactive activities and local markets that offer a taste of the local culture and scenic beauty, making your holiday exciting for both adults and children.

Safety and Security in the Area: Choose neighbourhoods known for their family-friendly atmosphere and community vigilance. These neighbourhoods often have a regular presence, which enhances security and provides a more authentic experience.

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Family-Friendly Attractions with Easy Access to Broader Cape Town: Look for locations that not only have their own local attractions but also offer easy access to the broader experiences of Cape Town. Being within a reasonable driving distance of the city center, like a scenic 40-minute drive through Chapman’s Peak or Constantia, means you can explore major attractions without the need to compromise on peace and tranquillity.

Budget-Friendly: Consider the overall cost of your holiday, looking for areas that offer good value for money. The ‘outskirts’ of Cape Town, for example, tends to be more budget-friendly compared to the more tourist-centric parts of the CBD and immediate areas, as it doesn’t command the same premium yet offers a rich and engaging experience. This approach can make your holiday more affordable, allowing you to enjoy more activities and experiences within your budget.

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Knowing what to look for in a family holiday destination is one thing, but finding a location that ticks all these boxes is quite another. The search can be overwhelming, especially when you're navigating a large, unfamiliar city like Cape Town. That's where AirCnC comes in.

I'm Laurette, and I've done the legwork for you! At AirCnC Property Management, we're not just another property management company. We were founded on a passion for helping families maximize their holidays in the South Peninsula of Cape Town. We understand how costly and disappointing making the wrong vacation choices can be because we've experienced it ourselves. That's why we offer more than just a vacation rental. We provide a home-away-from-home, complete with personalized tips, suggestions, and recommendations on the best things to do, see, and eat—no matter what you’re craving!

Ready to discover the perfect family getaway in the South Peninsula of Cape Town?

Visit Family Friendly Homes
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What you can expect

Easy family travelling

Essential safety features and child-friendly amenities, eliminating the need to bring your own.

Authentic Local Experience

Easy access to family-friendly attractions, and our guidebook offers recommendations for dining, activities, and family experiences.

Cost-Effective Vacation

Prime locations, offering great value to let families spend more on enriching activities and experiences.

What our Guests say

Family-Centric Vacation Home

"The house is really well designed for a family set up. It has great parking & is located perfectly for lots of family centric activities. We were able to get to beautiful beaches, tourist attractions and vineyards really easily.”

Abi - Crescent Corner

Stunning View, Perfect Location

Worth every penny! The view, the location, the apartment, the French bakery downstairs and the restaurant - they were all amazing! We had no idea what a gem we booked, we loved it. Wish we could stay longer.”

Helen - Tranquility

Quiet, Spacious Gem, great view

“Hands down one of the best Airbnbs we’ve ever stayed at! Laurette and Ryan are experienced, helpful and sociable hosts, who get out of their way to make sure you create wonderful memories."

Nicole - The Gem

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What you can expect

Choose Your Accommodation and Book

Select the perfect property for your family's needs. We offer a streamlined booking process that supports Apple Pay (coming soon) and credit card payments, ensuring that securing your vacation home is as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Receive Your Holiday Guidebook

Once your booking is confirmed, we'll send you a comprehensive guidebook along with contacts for car rentals and more, simplifying the rest of your holiday planning. This guide is designed to help you navigate your stay and maximize your experience in the South Peninsula. (need more info: PLEASE ask! We WANT to help you plan the best trip!)

Arrive, Check-In, and Unwind

When you arrive in Cape Town, all that's left to do is travel to your property, check in, and open that bottle of wine. 

What you will get

Easy booking: Secure your accommodation easily using Apple Pay or a credit card.

Guidebook: helps you plan the perfect “Deep South” holiday including car rental / airport transfer contacts.

Comfort & convenience: settle in immediately and have everything you need.

Family-Friendly Amenities: Properties equipped with child-proofing, cribs, and other family essentials.

Relaxation & rejuvenation: peace of mind and less travel logistics.

Safety: Enjoy peace of mind with secure properties & neighbourhoods
Adventure & Discovery: explore more from a comfortable base

Quality Family Time: safe environment, family-friendly amenities, and activities that everyone can enjoy together


Great value: properties that help manage your holiday budget effectively.

 Authentic Experiences: connect with the local culture and environment

Ready to book your family getaway in the South Peninsula of Cape Town?

Let’s book that holiday!
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